Client Access

Click the "Client Portal" link below to access our client portal! Portal is an easy-to-use and secure way for us to exchange files such as tax return documents, tax returns, QuickBooks files, financial statements and more with you, our clients!

If you do not have a username and password and would like to be set up in Portal, please contact the office at (540)662-0325! 

Access your files with our secure, online document sharing application. Click here to enter your username and password.

Three resources to help you get started in Portal:

Portal Quick Start Guide - The Quick Start Guide is a 1 page introduction and brief description on how to login, browse files, access files, and upload to Portal.

Portal Client User Guide - The Portal Client User Guide gives a more in depth description and instructions on the different aspects of Portal such as getting started, downloading files, adding files, security, as well as advanced features such as granting Portal access to others. 

Online Video Presentation -The online video is a 10 minute presentation explaining Portal. Not only is it great video to watch before you begin to use Portal, but it is also a great tool to look back upon when needing assistance. The video is outlined in different sections so it is easy to find information that is applicable to you. 



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