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Share Safe

Why should you use Share Safe?

We provide Share Safe to our clients as a secure way to send and receive documents to and from our firm. Share Safe is a service which provides greater security than email alone when you are sharing documents. For your protection, we ask that all clients use Share Safe to send any documents containing sensitive information.

Sharing documents with our firm

To share files with our firm, please click the link below to access our Share Safe portal. Once you enter your contact information and proceed to the next page, you will add the files and choose who will receive them. Please be sure to select the member of the firm who requested your documents and include a brief description of what you have attached.

Access Share Safe

Receiving documents from our firm

If a member of our firm sends you documents via Share Safe you will receive two emails, one informing you that a file has been shared and another with a unique link. The link leads to a page prompting you to send a verification code to your email and then enter the code to access the shared files. Please note that these files will only be accessible for 30 days after being uploaded.

Client Axcess

Who should use Client Axcess?

Like Share Safe, Client Axcess is a secure way for clients and our firm to share documents. However, we are transitioning to using Share Safe as our sole file-sharing service. Our firm will not be issuing new Client Axcess accounts, though clients with existing accounts may continue to use the service. If you have a Client Axcess account, you may use the link below to reach the login screen.

Log into Client Axcess

Client Axcess User Guide

This user guide provides an in-depth description and instructions on the different aspects of Client Axcess such as, downloading files, adding files, security, and advanced features such as granting Portal access to others.

View the Client Axcess user guide

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